Iron Chef Moo takes on Blogathon 2007 to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

While the quiche is cooking, a Public Service Announcement!

There's this guy...

We've been friends for nearly ten years now, and I just don't know what I'd do without him. For a little while, after he was diagnosed with Alport Syndrome, I was really worried that I might have to figure that out.

It sucked, worrying like that. The nightmares and lack of sleep really took their toll..

I don't have that worry anymore, though. Look up in the upper right of the blog. See that ticker? Three days since David's kidney transplant! He got a new start, another chance. He's going to be around for me to annoy for a good long time now, and that's possible in part thanks to the efforts of the National Kidney Foundation. (His Dad making the awesome gesture of giving him a kidney certainly didn't hurt, either!)

The National Kidney Foundation provides education and outreach services for kidney patients, transplant recipients, living donors and their families, as well as funding for important research to help treat chronic kidney diseases and make transplant procedures better.

One in nine Americans suffers from a chronic kidney disorder. That's a lot, guys. Half of those people don't even know they're sick, and half of those will find out that they are completely by accident.

That's...unacceptable. Dangerous.

It can be fixed, though. Help support the NKF's education and support services. Pledge a few dollars through the link at the top of this blog, and help save a life.

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