Iron Chef Moo takes on Blogathon 2007 to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sign-ups are OPEN!

Blogathon sponsor sign ups are now OPEN! HOORAY!

Hey, brother (sister!), can you spare a dollar? Twenty-four hours of posting, forty-nine posts. A whole bunch of recipes and a good time will be had by all!

Sponsors who pledge $5 or more will receive a link in the sidebar to their blog, website or forum. Sponsors who pledge $10 or more will get to vote in the sponsors only poll to choose 4 theme ingredients from a list for Blogathon Day - Alex, Ernie and I will be playing Iron Chef, and cooking dishes throughout the day a la Iron Chef, documenting as we go with posts and photos. Want to have a say in what we cook with? Pledge $10 and I'll send you the poll link!

We'll also be auctioning off a copy of Iron Chef: The Official Book, with the proceeds of the auction going to the National Kidney Foundation.


Debi said...

MPYR Radio just sponsored you for Blogathon! What a great blog, and a great cause. I can't wait to see what you all cook up! Yummmmy!

Laci said...

*waves to Missy*

I'm your monitor!

If you need anything, I'm on AIM as ProdChicLaci, Yahoo as laci_0579 and e-mail at Just holler! :)