Iron Chef Moo takes on Blogathon 2007 to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I did this...why, again?

Three years running now, I've stayed up all night like a hyperactive little kid to rustle up some funds for the National Kidney Foundation. Why?

Because they do important work.

The National Kidney Foundation works to provide eduction not just to kidney transplants and their families, but to the general public as well. They help fund research that may find a CURE for chronic kidney disorders like Alport Syndrome, offer free screenings for patients to determine if they have a chronic kidney disorder and provide emergency funding for pre- and post-transplant patients to provide for their basic needs as well as transportation to and from their treatments.

Chronic kidney disorders are dreadfully common in the US - 1 in 9 Americans suffers from a CKD. Eleven patients die every dy while waiting for a kidney - there just aren't enough donors to go around.

If you haven't sponsored yet, please consider it. Sponsorships don't close until Tuesday night. The NKF needs your help if CKDs are to be stomped out and invasive transplants are to be made obsolete. Give 'em a hand.

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Jenny said...

Great charity! I'm blogging for Children's Organ Transplant Association...some of the kids I've blogged about are waiting on kidneys. You're right...there are just not enough organs being donated...