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Sunday, July 29, 2007

A brief tutorial

Mdevnich says, about the Truffles:

If you haven't got every single post planned, do a post on the rolling technique for these-- my mental image for me doing them is that the result is blobby and fingerprinty.

Yup, that's about it. There's really no getting around the fingerprinty, blobby part. That's why we have coverture! But to get as close to gorgeous as dammit...

-- Be certain the ganache is well chilled. If you're making a lot of truffles, work in small batches.
-- Use a small melonballer to get the shape started, then roll the ball quickly between your palms. You will get meltage. It's OK, just don't over-handle them.
-- Fix divots by smoothing the ganache with the back of a spoon. Small ridges will be hidden by the coverture.


mdevnich said...


Philip said...

I'm sorry, was that English?

It sounded to me like "The gluxinator is cazorting the fnurkles" :D