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Saturday, July 28, 2007

While the house cools...

I took a minute to sit down with a souffle, and wow, did it hit the spot! I've only had time to nibble today, I'm really looking forward to having more than a few bites between running to and from the kitchen!

There has been so much going on besides just cooking!

Elizabeth at Another Random Memory informs me that I won a sponsor prize - she entered everyone who sponsored her into a drawing for some small thing or other, and I won the choice between a keychain or $7.95 for the NKF. Naturally, I chose the $$ for the NKF!

Elizabeth is blogging for Any Soldier. It's a terrific organization, so head on over to Elizabeth's and toss a couple bucks her way!

Earlier this afternoon, I was interviewed by Lewis and Melissa at BlogExplosion Radio! I had a terrific time and was happy to see that some fellow 'thonners heard me on the radio! Thanks for giving us a push, Lewis!

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